Though it’s an early access stage, Vector Thrust is starting to shape up as a good combat flight simulation, featuring dogfighting mechanics that are similar to the legendary Ace Combat franchise. The game combines fast-paced action sequences and decent soundtracks, which will send majority of your adrenaline rush into over drive. Let’s talk about some notable impressions. One of the best assets of Vector Thrust is its gameplay. It starts with the control scheme, which is relatively easy to learn and quite responsive. From a third-person view, the game showcases a clean target angle that will easily track your opponents. Once you have locked on to one, it’s just a matter of continuously firing your special weapons until the target explodes into thousands of scrap metals!
The combat is near perfect with countless bogies coming at you, ranging from drones to advanced tactical recon fighters. What makes this game exciting is the ability to unlock hundreds of war planes including F16 and SU-47 among other avionic families. The game even offers an amazing editor that lets you create scenarios to share or play them yourself. There is so much to do in this game that it would be hard to get tired of playing it! The missions or challenges you partake in are rather fun like raining bombs on your enemy tents for example. In terms of visual presentation, the aircrafts including enemy vehicles look incredible! The backdrops such as water and shimmering clouds are laid with vivid details. However, some of the particle effects are somewhat bland and missing vapor trails.
In the audio department, the game provides decent sounds for all the noises related to dogfighting. The roar of the engines is great and the weapons firing pack somewhat of a punch. The musical score is solid and maintains your thrill to hunt. There are only a handful of flight combat games out there that can be compared to the quality of the Ace Combat franchise. Vector Thrust give players that option as a similar top gun experience in the world of dogfighting. So far, the game is turning out to be a remarkable action title. The development team is always interacting with fans in their forums, which is a great way of taking in feedback from players across the boards. With a few more tweaks, we don’t see why this game should not soar to become one of the best flight shooters of 2015.