The developer of NBA 2K series has been busy this Summer working to deliver on the promise of greatness that fans have come to expect for the current gaming platforms. Today Inside Hotwire 3D checks out the list of features along with highlights of several core gameplay improvements coming to NBA 2K14. Here is the breakdown of the much anticipated game, which is slated for October 1, 2013.

Highlight and Features:

  • Crews – The single-most requested game mode is back! Face off against opposing crews online using your MyPLAYER. Create your logo and face off in 5v5 battles with other crews featuring leaderboards and stats. (PS3 & Xbox 360 only)
  • Euroleague – Exclusive to NBA 2K14 – play with 14 of the top European teams, featuring authentic uniforms and players.
  • Dynamic Living Rosters® powered by Stats, Inc. – Player attributes and tendencies are automatically updated daily to reflect true life hot and cold streaks. Now, each game played in the NBA can have a realistic effect on your game.
  • King James Soundtrack – Hand-picked by LeBron James, including JAY Z, Eminem, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, and many more.
  • MyTEAM – Includes new player modes, multiple and single player tournaments that are exclusive to either PS3 or the Xbox 360 console.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Pro Stick™ – Throw down show-stopping moves, pull off intricate shots, and toss flashy no-look passes with deadly accuracy with Pro Stick.
  • 2K Smart Play Button – Players can now quickly access or call up the most suitable play for their team by simply holding a single button.
  • Improved Player Motion System – The all new motion system delivers explosive cuts, tighter control, and smoother player animation.
  • Depth of Content – NBA 2K14 captures more animation content than any previous basketball title, that is 3000 added animations.

General Gameplay Improvements:

  • Signature Skills – Six new Signature Skills, ensuring each NBA player’s unique abilities are represented in the most authentic way possible.
  • Playbook and Play System enhancements – Execute new half-court sets, improved spacing logic, and run updated team specific plays.
  • More Signature Styles – New jump shots, dunk and layup packages, dribble moves, free throws, pre-game intros, getbacks, etc.

Offensive Control Improvements:

  • Shot System Upgrades – More realistic footwork on jump shots, improved awareness in shot selection, and a variety of new shot types.
  • Dribbling Advancements – Upgraded dribble movement and new branching technology for greater 1-to-1 control over the ball handler.
  • Enhanced Passing – More accurate pass targeting, new give and go mechanics, better handoffs, and a complete arsenal of new flashy passes.

Defensive Improvements:

  • Learning Defensive A.I. – AI that sees where the offense is being successful and adjusts strategy to take those advantages away.
  • Block Improvements – Revamped block system with improved ball targeting, awareness, player collisions that make playing defense fun and rewarding.
  • All New Ball Denial – No more getting stuck during off ball bumps, allowing for complete freedom over your players away from the ball.
  • Enhanced dribbler vs. on-ball defender contact – Defenders can now initiate steals, hard bumps, and charges out of defensive rides.
  • Expanded Defensive Commands – New commands for the right stick – contest shots, contest passes, and deny or pressure the ball.

Returning Features Include:

  • The Association
  • The Association: Online
  • Training Camp
  • Season
  • Playoffs
  • Practice
  • NBA Blacktop
  • MyPLAYER Blacktop
  • Team Up